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One of the greatest tragedies that occurs in the California legal system is that victims often don’t know their rights. Without a well-trained victim rights attorney, many victims in LA & Orange Counties, CA, don’t know how to secure the legal protection they deserve. Unfortunately, in California victims’ rights are sometimes left behind because the victim is unaware of what they’re due. Even though the state of California supports victims’ rights, the nature of bureaucracy keeps some people from accessing those rights.

The Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman works tirelessly to advocate for victims. If someone has harmed you, we want to ensure that you are protected and receive the resolution you’re due. So, don’t let the mountain of paperwork keep you from seeking what’s yours. We’ll shoulder the burden for you.


California Victims’ Rights

California has taken great strides to defend victims and ensure they are protected. To address this, the government passed the California Bill of Rights for Victims. In this law, the state enumerates 17 points that highlight the government’s commitment to defending you. Despite this commitment, many people remain unaware of their rights. Ms. Kopelman has observed this failure of the system and works tirelessly as a victim rights attorney to secure the maximum restitution for victims possible. As a result, she is spreading the word about California victims’ rights in LA & Orange Counties, CA.

We understand that victims often experience a breadth of emotional responses that make it difficult to come forward in many instances. The California Bill of Rights for Victims exists to address this exact problem. We encourage you to contact our office; Ms. Kopelman will treat you with respect, dignity, and kindness. She has a thorough understanding of California victims’ rights law and will be your attorney in a difficult time.

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You deserve the best representation and one of Ms. Kopelman’s favorite parts of being a victim rights attorney is advocating for victims. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when you need to find a victim rights lawyer, she is an excellent choice. The Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman delivers the results you deserve because she has the knowledge and experience to represent you in court. With nearly 30 years’ experience as a public defender, Ms. Kopelman has seen both sides of the California legal system.


Often victims feel as though they are left out of the process. Ms. Kopelman will ensure that you are kept up to date with the status of the case and that your position is made known to the prosecution.

When you’re ready to let her advocate for your California victims’ rights, the process is easy. First, contact us for a free consultation. Then, depending on the specifics of your case, we’ll outline what you can expect from legal action. Afterward, we’ll file the necessary paperwork to start the process. Even if it takes a long time and lots of hard work, you can count on Ms. Kopelman to fight for your rights.


Our Clients' Testimonials

Sheila Artish Avatar
Sheila Artish
12/28/2020 - Google

From our first call (my son & I) she was very attentive, compassionate & yet this woman is a Savy... read more

Caitlin Sei Avatar
Caitlin Sei
1/10/2020 - Google

Lisa is responsive, compassionate, and passionate. I could not recommend her more!

Lauri Sickler Tock Avatar
Lauri Sickler Tock
12/25/2019 - Google

My niece hired Ms Kopelman and said it was the best decision she ever made. Having worked as a public... read more

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