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At the Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman, we understand that the complexities of the California Penal Code can leave you vulnerable. Private citizens are not qualified to successfully respond to serious accusations in Orange County, CA, so they need help from a criminal defense attorney. A skilled drug defense lawyer can help defend your rights if the state accuses you of a drug-related offense. Similarly, if the police arrest you for allegedly driving under the influence, you need a DUI lawyer who understands the law. As a free consultation criminal lawyer, Lisa A. Kopelman will learn about your case and develop a defense suited to your circumstances.

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DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a serious offense. When the state accuses you of DUI, you risk losing your license, spending time in jail, and paying a substantial fine. You must pursue every avenue of defense, and without a competent DUI lawyer, that’s not possible. Criminal defense attorney Lisa A. Kopelman knows the intricacies of the law due to her direct experience in the California court systems. She knows what kind of defense stands up to a prosecutor’s scrutiny, and what kind falls apart.

Drug crime accusations can bring with them similarly heavy consequences. As a drug defense lawyer, we will find the best route to freedom from the charges against you. Prosecutors, interested in delivering convictions, use the state’s considerable resources to bear down on every alleged criminal. Let us protect you from the strength of the state and give you a fighting chance to resist serious drug or DUI-related charges.

Drug Defense Lawyer

Not every criminal defense attorney can serve as a drug defense lawyer in Orange County, CA. The law office of Lisa A. Kopelman delivers a robust defense even in the toughest cases. Over nearly three decades, Ms. Kopelman has worked in the courtrooms defending those accused of any crime listed in the California Penal Code, including drug-related offenses. Drug crimes are sensitive issues because those accused need not have any malicious intent to be found guilty.

Don’t stand on principle alone, because the prosecution may turn your words and use them against you in court. Seek a free consultation criminal lawyer to review your case and represent you before the state bureaucracy. You may not even realize exactly how serious the charges are until you speak with a professional attorney. Let us inform you of the stakes so that you’re aware of what happens if you go it alone. Our legal system allows you competent representation and we strive to ensure you get more than your money’s worth. You must meet criminal charges from the state with a vigorous defense.

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Free Consultation Criminal Lawyer

It takes more than a casual conversation and brief overview to know that you’re working with a capable criminal defense attorney. A free consultation criminal lawyer reviews your circumstances and forms a strategy for defense. You’ll know that Lisa A. Kopelman is right to represent you when you hear her no-nonsense approach to criminal defense. She can assemble a compelling argument even in the bleakest situation.

You should contact her office whether you’re looking for a DUI lawyer in Orange County, CA, or are contesting drug charges. You have the right to competent representation, and we will ensure that you receive the best defense available given the situation. Don’t let the state strip you of your freedom, your money, and your time. Turn to the Law Office of Lisa A. Kopelman immediately. The sooner you begin your defense, the better the outcome will be if the charges go to court.

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